In his son’s new podcast, David Frost, who interviewed Gloria Steinem, Robert Kennedy, and, famously, Richard Nixon, reflects on the art of the interview.

My dad carried out more than 10,000 interviews in his life; the exact number is unknown. Since he died, seven years ago, I have slowly found and restored missing tapes, and regained rights to many of them, the culmination of which has been my podcast, The Frost Tapes, out now.

The focus of The Frost Tapes is 60s and 70s America, and the extraordinary parallels that can be drawn from that time to today. Dad had a front-row seat as American history unfolded, but many of his interviews from that period have been overlooked for decades. The roll call of guests is truly spectacular, with episodes on race with Huey Newton, James Baldwin, Dick Gregory, and Stokely Carmichael; on women’s liberation with Shirley Chisholm, Gloria Steinem, and Billie Jean King; on media with Walter Cronkite and an eerily prescient, young Roger Ailes in 1969; and on politics with Robert Kennedy, recorded just weeks before his assassination, and Ronald Reagan. Of course, we also revisit Dad’s epic encounters with Richard Nixon, including large chunks of the 28 hours that never aired in the first place. There is even a never-before-released interview with Joe Biden from 1987.

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