Fifty years ago, legendary television host David Frost interviewed the most influential thinkers, politicians, and cultural icons of their time. Most of those tapes were lost for a generation. Until now. Wilfred Frost explains why he made The Frost Tapes.

My dad died on 31 August 2013. I cannot believe he has been gone for seven years. It’s a depressing thought to dwell on. He was 74 when he died but had been in good health. His death was sudden and unexpected, and came as a devastating shock to mum, my brothers, Miles and George, and I.

He was a titan of broadcasting – and the outpouring of love in the press in the UK and around the world after he died was truly amazing to see – but more than that he was an incredible father and husband. I had lost my dad many years too soon, and to this day that still hurts.

At that time I was planning a transition from finance to media to pursue a dream of being in front of the camera, something I had been working on behind the scenes for almost a year, and my brothers and I agreed it would make sense for me to take on dad’s production company, David Paradine Productions, which he had founded in the 1960s when he was in his twenties.

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